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 In the wild a Sun Conure’s diet will consist of nuts, seeds and fruit.  Many Conure owners will feed their Conure a diet of primarily small parrot mix and supplement with millet spray, mealworms, green vegetables and some fruit.  They can also be fed many of the same foods your family eats.


While a commercial formulated diet does meet most of the nutritional requirements of the Sun Conure, it does lack the phytonutrients found in fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and grains.  A Conure can also become bored with a formulated diet which may cause it to refuse to eat or to display negative behavior.  A seed-only diet does offer more variety but you will need to add vitamin and calcium supplements.


If you do not wish to restrict your Sun Conure to mainly pelleted foods their diet should contain the following:


50% grains, seeds, cereals and breads


45% vegetables.  Fresh vegetables are best because of the vitamin content that your Conure needs but they can eat some cooked vegetables and frozen vegetables that have been thawed can be used when fresh vegetables are not available.


5% fruit and protein.  Your Conure needs an adequate supply of calcium, some of which can be supplied with green leafy vegetables.  Nuts, legumes and meat can supply the remaining protein and calcium needs.  Cooked lentils, navy or kidney beans are excellent sources of protein.  Fruit should be reserved as a treat, given on a daily basis during playtime or socializing.


Never feed your Conure avocados, coffee, salt or chocolate.  Coffee and chocolate contain theobromine, an alkaloid that is toxic to birds.  Avocado is also toxic to birds.  Foods with a high salt content are harmful to birds because they can not excrete salt.


In addition, provide your Conure with oyster shell or gravel in a separate dish or a cuttlebone.  Vitamin supplements can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled on their food.


Fresh water should be offered several times a day.  A Sun Conure will probably want to have a bath first thing each morning, so offering two bowls of water, one for drinking and one for bathing is a good idea.



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