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Goiter Treatment

Thyroid glands are found just below your neck. The abnormal increase in the size of this thyroid gland that is also the swelling of the neck is called goiter. The function of the thyroid glands is to produce a certain type of hormone that is responsible for regulating body function like metabolism, turning food into energy. This kind of swelling varies from one person to another. Some experience small amounts of swelling while others are larger beyond affecting their breathing process. It is known mostly to affect women than men. To identify a person with goiter is easy. Physical examination is enough by the look of the swollen neck. There are many types and causes of goiter, as a result, treatment also is necessary when it goes beyond causing some severe problems. Some of these treatments are:


Although small goiter with no symptoms isn’t harmful, medication is necessary to prevent the glands from making thyroid hormone. Some drugs like Synthroid oral, Celexa, Prozac, Adderall among others. It is the best advice to see your doctor who can well prescribe you with the correct medicine. Medications help in reducing the size of the goiter. Your doctor will monitor the progress, and it is now your role to comply with the doctor’s instruction and pieces of advice.

Home Care

This is based on the type of goiter. Not all type of goiter is given attention at home. If the goiter is small at all, it is necessary to be monitored home, and the use of home remedies will be a solution to the problem. Treatment isn’t necessary at all. Some of the natural remedies are use of iodine-rich diet, garlic, green tea, flaxseed paste lemon balm tea apple cider vinegar. Do a massage on the neck area with Castor oil for goiter. Add coconut oil to your daily diet.


Some other form of treatment may not be effective, and others are necessary depending on the glands enlargements, some cases of breathing problems and others are an emergency, surgery is reserved for such conditions. Thyroidectomy is a process of removing this thyroid. It will lead to the reduction of the thyroid glands. It is the only option for largely grown thyroid glands without responding to other medication and treatments.

Radioactive Iodine

Some people may be having a toxic multinodular goiter. This kind of treatment may be required for such kind of people. They travel through the blood and are ingested orally. They are meant to destroy the extra tissue in the thyroid. Depending on the amount given it may destroy an all of your thyroid or a portion. Your doctor will determine the dose given to you after the uptake and tests and scan. This treatment is not advisable for a woman planning to conceive in the next six months or a pregnant woman.

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The above treatments are the common ones. After every treatment, it is necessary to do a follow-up. Visit clinics for a regular checkup to help you in knowing the progress. Any re occurrences will be detected if you regularly visit your doctor.